What is a decentralized application dapp

Plunging into the topic of altcoins, you may have already met the notion of a "dapp" (dapp), or "decentralized application" (decentralised application). Such applications are Autonomous structure, openness of the source code located in the blockchain.

First understand which applications can be considered centralized. One you're using right now. Your browser is "centralized". If he wasn't, you could use resources from other home devices for load sharing or, if you have permissions to connect to the computers of neighbors to improve the speed of data transmission.

Decentralization is one of the key mechanisms for the functioning of many altcoins. For block generation, transaction verification and mining altcoins need huge power, which makes such tasks is impossible for a standard computer. This involved a large network that uses dappy, sharing the load. Many altcoins reward users dappu for their involvement in cyclical processes. This concept built the Ethereum: the one who wants to make a transaction, have to pay for fuel (gas) required in order to start it.

As the saying goes, many hands — make light work. All dappy work on the same principle: one computer does not solve the complex cryptographic tasks for decades — while doing this millions of machines, dispensing rewards accordingly made the Deposit. Without such a mechanism altcoins would exist.

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