Trading ideas by cryptocurrency on may 17, 2018 — BTC, EOS, ZEC

Trading ideas for the cryptocurrency on 17 may 2018.


The Commission on trade in commodity futures of the USA has licensed a new Deposit product for Bitcoin, with a simplified interface for investors issued by the exchange the Bitcoin derivatives LedgerX.

According to Microsoft, from June 2018 with Bing Ads gets the authority to the ruthless hand ban all advertising materials having any relevance to cryptoprocta.

Trends In Crypto:

Among the leading cryptocurrency by the leader of the fall in the last 7 days is EOS, although for the last days of the asset is restored to more than 9%. Bitcoin Cash in the drawdown of 21%, and Cardano -20%. With the support of the news Microsoft to recover cryptowall in the near future will not be easy.

BTCUSD under pressure

Buy utopian. Sales are developing, and we are seeing the breakdown level by level. A short sell is profitable, it is a fact, but market sentiment is now bearish, so purchases have to quickly close. To break up the set 5 may trend long position is considered dangerous. The potential of decrease in pair to $7900 and $7590.


Within a given the downward trend of the drawdown may be an additional 17.6 percent.


After the news on may 14 that Gemini was "the world's first licensed exchange", which will trade zcash for (coin, which is focused on the privacy of users), buyers are actively increasing positions.

For RoadMаp known that the deposits in zcash for users in Saturday, may 19, and directly traded in pairs ZEC/USD and ZEC/BTC, ZEC/ETH will be launched on Tuesday, may 22.

That is, at least for the next 6 days worth to keep buying. New positions for today the limit of loss under the level of $313. Let me remind you that fulfills zcash for channel up. If we will be in the range of $260-280, is to use it for new purchases.

Maria Salnikova, an independent currency strategist, especially for CoinSpot
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