Trading ideas by cryptocurrency on June 29, 2018 — BTC, ETH, EOS, ZEC, XMR

The demand for cryptocurrencies grows, the dynamics of capitalization not significantly changed, because it is not necessary to expect sharp splash in consumer activity. Leading ten cryptocurrencies as of 15:00 GMT in a significant drawdown. EOS, Stellar Lumens and Cardano lose over 9%. IOTA and Ripple – 7%. Near zero is traded only Tether.


Tactics of waiting and the market reaction to the level and trend line from June 25 were correct. While there is no reason to open long positions on Bitcoin. Yes, for those who work on the principle of "forex" was a good sales opportunity. Yet, today, the shopping guide for BTCUSD not.


The purpose of the sales worked, but buying to open early. The goal was $426, but we see that it is trading significantly below this level. Apply yourself on the graph approximate a hint of the trend line from June 21. Previously there are expectations that the pair will fall to a level of $400. This is a good place to start long positions. However, for absolute confidence – we will monitor the dynamics of the asset. You need to see a rebound up to at least H1.


Technical guideline for open positions in the near future. Need to see achievement support $6,9918. The end up buying. Either the price must come to the nearest trend line from June 28. It is possible to open sales during the bounce down, and buy when you break up. Given the low volatility of the trades today (but that could change on Saturday, following the meeting of EU leaders at a Summit in Brussels).


There is no buyer, but nobody is surprised. Zcash for no demand buyers despite the fact that on Tuesday, the team of this cryptocurrency spent the first hardwork Overwinter. Price trying to throw down. Already goes about that and zcash for XRP can be of the following two digital currencies that will be added to the exchange Coinbase. Listing any digital currency on Coinbase a signal that the price of a token will rise. That is what? It is necessary to monitor asset and wait for the start of growth. As soon as you start to break the strong local resistance (H1 and H4), are preparing to refill the asset purchase. The first level is ~$162 – still waiting for that from him can generate a slight rebound down on H1, at least up to $160-158. Break up $162 – a reason to expect the growth rates further.


For Monero tactics picked right. Adjust in the following way: in the near future operate on the level of $134 and $106. While this range we need to open the transaction. Purchase: rebound up from the level of $106 and break up $134. For sale: break-down of $134. I note that the speculation around adding Ripple (XRP) on Coinbase continues. Waiting for actual data in media, which can greatly reduce the price in the moment and then give a strong pullback. Drop the price down to under $106,00 is the so-called "March foot".

Maria Salnikova, an independent currency strategist, especially for CoinSpot
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