Trading ideas by cryptocurrency on June 13, 2018 — BTC, ETH, EOS, ZEC, XMR

Leading cryptocurrencies in the last 7 trading days, losing 13% (Bitcoin) to 27% (EOS). The reason to buy yet. Experts of analytical centers, traders, Fund managers monitor the dynamics of the behavior of cryptocurrency projecting the rate of decline over the last few days for the upcoming dynamics of the assets. Open questions remain "is there any chance of recovery?", and, "how long have assets to lose value?".

We already discussed the dependence of the information field around US and the behavior of speculators in the market of cryptocurrencies. Yesterday it became known about the positive conclusion of the meeting, trump and Kim Jong-UN – this was the reason for the decline in demand for defensive assets (cryptocurrencies I am also ranked, as it is an alternative to the usual US dollar). Today waiting for the FOMC decision at a rate that will increase the volatility of trading on the Forex market and may be cause re-growth of the American currency to the existing maximum values. Cryptocurrency at the same time can moderately decline in dollar value. Longer-term forecasts still do not build.

Since the beginning of the trading day a dozen leading cryptocurrency in drawdown. The smallest losses Bitcoin -3,9%, and most of all sell IOTA and TRON -9,6%.


Technically $6455 can be considered beautiful support. And the static level and the falling trend from the may 5 match. But buy early as not formed to turn upward. Strong buyer appeared. If you open a long position at current prices, only during the day until 18:00 GMT. At this time the FOMC will release its rate decision and, as written above, Bitcoin may sink in value against the U.S. dollar.


Yesterday we correctly identified the tactics and propose to stick to it. If You are going to have to buy Ethereum, reminiscent of lower technical support level of $430-440. Price comes down to test this range. The falling trend since may 5 is maintained. That is, either the price goes up to $430 and there will be a turn upward. Either is breached the falling trend since may 5, then the possible purchase. We need a good entry point to a high probability of making a profit – because waiting for a quality entry signals into the market.


Congratulations, yesterday the tactics worked. The price was squeezed into a triangle and after the break down realized sales to $10,0000. Now in more drawdown in EOS sale the actual $7,9000.


Nothing changes and we continue to work on lowering the price to sales $170-171. New positions can be opened for update minimum. At the time of today, when you expect high volatility – 18:00 GMT.


The goal of reducing the $122 is implemented. The retreat took place as expected. Technically, the testing took place. Within the day, before 18:00 GMT permitted an increase to $129-130.

Maria Salnikova, an independent currency strategist, especially for CoinSpot
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The review reflects the subjective position of the analyst Coinspot subject to personal trading style. Trading operations with cryptocurrency are increased risks due to the nature of the market. The editorial Board does not bear ответствbенности for your trading decisions and recommends trading only to those funds, the loss of which will not be critical.

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