Trading ideas by cryptocurrency on July 13, 2018 — BTC, ETH, EOS, ZEC, XMR

The week ends with the optimistic recovery and as of 14:00 GMT cryptocurrencies are rising in price. All ten of the leading cryptocurrency in the black by 8% EOS, 1% of Bitcoin. However, it is not necessary to consider this trend as the start of long positions. Even if the rebound up and the start of growth, the cryptocurrency still have to go through many obstacles. Breakthrough these barriers we will have the signals fill the purchase.


Any trade deal is working off of probability. There is no guaranteed signals, and to fulfill all of them to statistically get a positive result on the Deposit. Buying yesterday at the Bitcoin me did not inspire confidence. Because I think random testing. However, today operate on the level of $6270. Break up the purchase to $6448. But if the level of the stand will decrease, then sales can be opened for $6000.


Turn up there. Yet consider this to be a suspended drop. While there is no reason to open sales to $400, but definitely keep the purchase not worth it. Sale: to update the minimum. For $400 you can leave a buy order with a short profit at 25-30 dollars growth.


There is also actual sale to the level 5,4570. To update the minimum, at the current price – choose the entry point according to their trading tactics. The idea is that until the moment of breakdown of the trend decline in may-June to buy the asset is not necessary. The falling trend is not interrupted.


And here I want to try short speculation growth by $162 based on the breakout of the trend decline from July 8.


There is also the idea of short-term speculation with the aim of growth of $133 and stop under the $119,3. That is not even under the day's low to set a stop. Around $119,3 actively pay off XMRUSD, let's take a situation.

Maria Salnikova, an independent currency strategist, especially for CoinSpot
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