The world’s first buyer of the pizza with bitcoins did it again with Lightning Network

Laszlo Hanich — the man who in 2010 made the world's first registered bitcoin transaction as payment for a physical object. Then for the 10,000 bitcoins he bought two pizzas. It is interesting that now, Hanich bought two pizzas, using a network of Lightning Network.

25 February in the mailing list Lightning-dev, Hanich wrote that he had "sub-contract" with a friend in London, who arranged for him a pizza from a local establishment. Cryptomnesia transferred the money to a friend via the Lightning Network, and he paid for the delivery of Fiat money, as long as "for atomic swaps pizza/bitcoin does not exist."

However, Janich believes that it has demonstrated the possibility of using bitcoin for everyday transactions:

It could also be a pizzeria accept payment via your own host.

His first two pizzas, Hanich paid by cryptocurrency on may 22, 2010, and since then this day is celebrated as Day of the bitcoin pizza. There is a Twitter account with daily connections on the value of the "bitcoin pizza" as the equivalent of 10 000 bitcoins. For example, today it costs $98 300 725.

At this time, Hanich paid 649 000 Satoshi or 0,00649 bitcoin, or about $62. Getting pizza, he showed the driver the first four and the last character hexadecimal string of the hash preimage of the payment Lightning.

Hanic positioned pizza as a prize, which can be obtained only in the case if the transaction Lightning Network will be successful. He wrote that if he failed to show the driver the hash type, then "pizza would not have been passed, and nothing happened."

The test was successful, and Hanich did not go hungry. However, he believes that "the demonstration of the hash preimage is not a good practice."

Hanic included in your post link to pictures, where his family enjoys the pizza. In the pictures one of the kids is wearing a shirt that says "I love pizza", another — "I love bitcoin". On the table is also a Notepad with those same digits of the hash type.

Lightning Network, the payment Protocol of the second level is the next step in the development of bitcoin, as it increases the bandwidth of the core network. The first was physical buying in the Lightning Network was held on 20 January this year. Reddit user /u/btc_throwaway1337 announced that he had bought a VPN router through the payment channel TorGuard and this was a purchase that is comparable in importance with the first bitcoin pizza.

Hanic, in his message asks readers:

So does it make sense to do this instead of transaction in the blockchain? Judging by what I've told you, I now think not. The goal was just to play with LN and see something more than just movement of a few Satoshi. Perhaps, in the end, pizza will own nodes LN and I will directly be able to open channels with them.

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