The new service debit cards for cryptocurrency Amon goes to ICO

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Amon announces their sale tokens soon followed by the release of crypto-currency wallet and Bank cards operating on the basis of artificial intelligence systems that automatically determine the best for spending the cryptocurrency at the moment of making each of the payments. According to the technical documentation, the platform Amon Tech is the only platform in the market, allowing users to use the most profitable cryptocurrency to make purchases in real-time.

At the moment there is token-ICO AMN at a price of$ 0.05 per piece . The sale of tokens already generated more than 4 000 000 $. Investors willing to invest now will receive 15% bonus.

Cardholders Amon will be given three possible payment method. The most basic one is to configure the wallet so that payments are always done with the same currency (this option is useful, for example, those interested only in bitcoins). The second method is to hand-select the cryptocurrency immediately after use of a plastic card. The third method makes use of a unique artificial intelligence Amon (SIIA), which on the fly can choose the best cryptocurrency for use in each of the transactions.

In the technical documentation of Amon is given in an example usage scenario in which the consumer makes a payment for a Cup of coffee. SIIA, the algorithm analyzes the crypto user portfolio and selects the most profitable cryptocurrency, starting from factors such as historical data and user-selected level of risk. The algorithm is designed so that just before the commit transaction is selected, the most profitable cryptocurrency is displayed on the screen of the smartphone app. Therefore, the user is given a choice to use the cryptocurrency, or choose another, to pay for a Cup of coffee.


In the security framework, Amon has entered into partnerships with cloud platform Ixonn and the auditing company Econocom Group. Also partner Amon is Daneel who uses the web indexing in order to assist traders in their investment decisions, plus CognitionBox company specializing in the development of trading algorithms that helps to develop SIIA. In Amon also argue that one of the main priorities for the company, unlike competitors, is to provide clients with services of premium level 24/7, which is lacking in the cryptocurrency industry as a whole.

For the future Amon Tech prepares for public release of the wallet in the second quarter of 2018, posleduyushim to obtain e-money licenses and decentralization of the purse in the third quarter. Their goal for market share is 3, 5 or 7% (according to the negative, realistic and positive predictions, respectively) in the first year.

The team behind Amon is a diversity of competencies and experience. Co-founder of four companies from Italy and Australia, also the team includes experts from France, Spain, Ukraine and USA. CEO — Daniel Izzo, is also a co-founder of another platform to the trading platform of legal services AvvocatoFlash, together with two other founders of Amon, Italians Valerio Adrio (CMO) and Christian Izzo (CTO). AvvocatoFlash thriving in the Italian market, the platform is used by more than 5,000 lawyers involved in more than 20 000 cases in a year.

Material published on a commercial basis and is not a recommendation to invest, press release provided by the customer. Revision is not related to the project, not involved in the initial sale of tokens and is not responsible for your trading or investment decisions. Any trade with scriptactive are increased risks due to the nature of the market, examine the project before making the investment.

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