The head of Kazakhstan discussed the issues of regulation of cryptocurrency with Steve Wozniak

The President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev discussed the issues of regulation of cryptocurrency with the co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak, who participated in the Astana economic forum. It is reported NUR.KZ.

At the meeting Nazarbayev noted that the cause of cryptocurrencies, which are not controlled by emission centers, was the dominance in the world of one currency. In response, Wozniak said that traditional currency has never been universal, it is therefore an advantage of cryptocurrencies is that they "are not controlled, do not hold back in development and become universal and global."

In his speech at the economic forum in Astana Nazarbayev drew attention to the need to establish new and effective mechanisms of dialogue between States and the establishment of common rules for the regulation of cryptocurrencies, because this issue is present completely disparate actions which in the end lead to inefficiency.

Steve Wozniak a fairly positive attitude towards the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. So, in his opening speech at the world Congress WeAreDevelopers, which takes place this week in Vienna, he called the blockchain a great idea and the "next big IT revolution". Their views, he explains that this technology has many useful applications, though, believes that the blockchain and cryptocurrency will reveal its full potential only in a decade.

Wozniak also quoted the founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey, who in March declared that bitcoin will become the single global currency.

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