The company Blockstack launched store decentralized applications

Blockstack launched store decentralized applications (dapps or dappu) called Universal Dapp Store, which already has more than 150 gappov.

The number of applications on the blockchain is growing rapidly, but they exist in different networks, therefore it's becoming difficult to find them. According to the announcement, Dapp Store is a "tool for decentralized applications Blockstack, Ethereum, EOS, IPFS, Steem and other platforms. The service will serve as an aggregator for different types of dappu: games, social networking applications to improve productivity and financial services."

In the shop are decentralized counterparts of many popular applications, such as Stealthy (similar to WhatsApp), DTube (YouTube), Peepeth (Twitter) and Graphite (Google Docs), but many of them not even at the stage 1.0. And depending on the network in which they work, the processing may require the Commission (for example, gas in Ethereum).

The store has a good design and clear categorization, which shows what a blockchain designed app. However, there is yet no search function, sorting and filtering. The latter should appear in the near future. To apply for the addition of application via a simple to fill form, but it is unclear what will be the timing and the process of adding your app to the store.

In his announcement Blockstack reports a list of criteria that an app must meet to be considered deppom. It is the ability to encrypt personal data using the private key; the ability to save customer data in decentralized networks using reconfigurable API; open source and the ability of community members to contribute to the development of software, etc.

First Blockstack will oversee and support applications in the ecosystem. The company's goal is to build a broad collaboration should show how decentralized applications in practice to improve the user experience outside of a few large corporations.

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