Tezos announced a test of investors on the compliance to KYC/AML

On 10 June, the Fund Tezos Foundation has announced that it will conduct an inspection for compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) and "know your customer" (KYC) in respect of the investors who participated in last year's ICO. At that time investors, which the Fund calls the investors, did not provide any personal information when you purchase the rights to the tokens Tezos.

The news investors met with great negativity. So, one user wrote on Reddit:

If they wanted to perform KYC/AML had to say about this in terms of the ICO. Change the terms of the transaction a few months after the sale is in any way bad no matter how they try to explain it.

Current plans Tezos include the beta launch of the platform by the end of the second quarter of this year. With the new policy, KYC/AML, some investors who cannot or do not want to pass the test, you'll never get your tezzies (which they've been waiting for more than a year).

Venture investor Tim Draper, who provided financial support Tezos Ledger and Dynamic Solutions (the company that owns yet proprietary platform code), in comments to Coindesk said:

This dynamic regulatory environment. I am sure that the team weighed all the options.

Fund notes: with the ICO said that the contributions are not investments, and "non-refundable donations". The conditions contain additional warnings about regulatory risk, according to which "the participant understands and agrees that Tezos Foundation cannot guarantee participants to any distribution XTZ when you create a network Tezos".

The situation in his Twitter commented and co-founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin:

Why third parties can't run a script to scan the blocks of the BTC/ETH to see the number of participants and calculate how much XTZ you need to, and then generate the Genesis block without the participation Tezos Co.? So run the Ethereum.

Buterin even provided a script that could implement this plan. But talk about hard forks to the beta launch Tezos early, because the platform code is under the control of Dynamic Ledger Solutions.

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