Taxes in Florida can pay in bitcoins and the Bitcoin Cash

Tax service the Seminole County of Florida (USA) has announced that starting this summer will make the bitcoin and Bitcoin for Cash through a processor BitPay. Thus, it will be the first government Agency in the US that works with cryptocurrency. This writes Coinjournal.

When you pay taxes with a debit or credit card requires third-party operator, which entails additional costs. According to Joel Greenberg, the tax inspector the Seminole County, the use of cryptocurrencies will remove many commissions and to increase the accuracy, efficiency and transparency of taxes. He says:

We live in a world where technology has provided access services on request delivery on the same day, and efficient customer service. From the government we expect the same. The purpose of my tenure is to make the user experience faster, more efficient and effective, and to withdraw state services from the XVIII to the XXI century. One of these methods — add cryptocurrency to our payment options.

BitPay is the largest payment processor capabality. The company was founded in 2011 and also provides a platform for managing digital assets via BitPay wallet. In April it was reported that the startup has completed a financing round of series B with a total investment of $40 million, bringing the total capital raised BitPay, since the launch of $70 million.

The use of cryptocurrency eliminates the possibility of credit card fraud and the risks of identity theft. In addition, compared with the high commissions of credit cards, BitPay charges only 1% to approve the transaction and the payments in the cryptocurrency. Sending transactions via computer or smartphone makes the process simple and convenient. Jeremy Beaudry, compliance officer at BitPay, says:

BitPay was launched because we saw the revolutionary potential of the blockchain for the financial industry: the ability to make payments faster, more secure and less expensive on a global scale. Tax service the Seminole County became our first government Department which will be easy and smooth to accept bitcoin and Bitcoin to Cash.

In October Tony Gallippi, co-founder and Executive Chairman of BitPay, said that fee-free at ATMs Las Vegas out of control: users can keep nearly $125 for withdrawing money with debit cards.

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