Sirin Labs has published a teaser of his “bloccandone” Finney

Israeli company Sirin Labs, known for its ultrasystem smartphone Solarin for $16 000 finally showed in the video new device — the blockchain the phone Finney (the name is probably a reference to Hal Finney, an iconic figure in the history of bitcoin).

The main feature of the smartphone — built-in cold cryptocurrency wallet. Manufacturers claim that Finney will support instant conversion token through automatic exchanger in the smartphone (the company promises to provide the most competitive rates). Suppose you wanted to try a new dapp, but you have no tokens, which are supported by the platform. If you have no funds on any stock exchange, you would have to send assets from your wallet, and then send them to another wallet that is specifically designed for the new daPa. This inconvenience Sirin Labs promises to eliminate.

Another distinctive feature of novelty — the unusual design of the "slider". Retractable — screen Safe Screen designed solely for displaying data of cryptocurrency transactions. Apparently, a separate module is created for additional security.

Finney runs on customized version of Android developed by Sirin Labs. Hardware created in cooperation with Foxconn, although Sirin Labs does not specify what role the project has played a Taiwanese manufacturer that produces components for Apple, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Huawei, Intel and many other well-known companies.

Features and price of the device, comparable to a new iPhone, talk about a niche product orientation. Thus, according to The Next Web, the smartphone will be sold in retail stores at least eight countries in November this year. HTC, which promises to provide a "blockinfo" Exodus late in the third quarter of this year, is preparing to sell its device at a similar price.

Activities of Sirin Labs aims to create a whole line of gadgets for more comfortable use blockchain technology. The company has its own token SRN with a market capitalization of $37 million.

Specifications Finney:

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