Seven optimistic price forecasts Ethereum for 2018

The publication Money Morning has made a selection of seven price forecasts Ethereum in 2018, which last was published on the website According to one of them, by the end of the year Ethereum will grow by 696,43%. The remaining six analysts also are quite optimistic (with a "bullish" Outlook edition leaves finally and will be reviewed separately).

Fred Šebesta, co-founder believes that the price will be $1500, and the profit potential will be equal 99,10%.

Alice Gus, the head WishKnish: $1800 and 138,92%, respectively.

Joseph Raczynski, technology consultant: $1800 and 138,92%.

Tim Lee, head REFFIND: $2250 and 198,66%.

Samson Williams, head SeedUps: $2500 and 231,84%.

Clayton Daniel, FINTECH investor: $2,000 and 165,47%.

As the specialists justify their forecasts

Fred Šebesta: "I still retain some optimism about Ethereum".

Alice Gus: "Ethereum is doing everything necessary and proper steps, but only time will tell whether he will be able enough to scale to solve the current problems".

Joseph Raczynski: "Ethereum remains one of the cryptocurrencies with great short term potential. The vast majority of the world's largest organizations, testing blockchain technology, use the Ethereum platform. Only time will tell, but personally, I think that Ethereum is ready to grow.

Tim Lee: "Ethereum has established itself as a cryptocurrency with a good network thanks to the efficient Alliance Ethereum. It's free with powerful additional advantage — a platform for smart contracts. The main issue is scalability. We have the example of EOS, whose team is trying to solve this problem using the structures already confirmed their performance on other tokens. For Ethereum is a strong team, but if will suffer the bitcoin, I believe that Ethereum will also subside after a historic high. And that might be achieved in the period of the Consensus conference in may 2018".

Samson Williams: "My argument has not changed. FIATA currency will flee from degraded stock markets, when in the third quarter will be hitting a recession".

Clayton Daniel: "recently, the Ethereum have missed a few new technologies, giving them into the hands of its competitors such as the NEO, but remains the most active player in the field of innovation. I see that even now, when the situation is changing rapidly, the Ethereum team is not sitting idly by, and trying to solve existing problems. That's a good sign".

Although all the above-quoted analysts are optimistic, no one has surpassed predictions of profit in 696,43%. The author explains his incredible forecast in unexpected ways.

Jen Grayson, CEO of Powered by Neureal, believes that by the end of 2018, the price of Ethereum will reach $6000. Thus, based on the price at the time of preparation of the article (March 8), the potential profit can be 696,43%.

Grayson said: "I continue to have extreme optimism about Ethereum. This platform is well established, and I continue to think that there is hope for a solution to the problem of scaling. I hear a lot about Stellar and spoke with representatives of several projects that intend to use for your ICO this platform is Ethereum. We also felt the limitations of Ethereum and can't use it for the development of the two new tokens, but even this fact does not change my opinion about its future."

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