New virus spoofs cryptocurrency addresses in the clipboard

Attackers create new malware called CryptoCurrency Clipboard Hijackers, its main function is monitoring the Windows clipboard for the presence of crypto-currency addresses. If such information is discovered, the program will replace it with a fake address hackers.

As reports the edition BleepingComputer, one of their specimens of this type of malware controls more than 2.3 million locations. A demonstration of his work can be seen here.

The virus was detected as part of a package of malicious software All-Radio Portable 4.27, which was distributed this week. When you install a DLL under the name d3dx11_31.dll loaded in the Windows Temp folder and when you restart the computer in startup of the program, which opens d3dx11_31.dll.

The malware runs in the background without obvious reports that it works, so find it difficult. It is important to always have an updated antivirus is designed to protect against these types of threats. Also before sending the cryptocurrency, you should verify the address of the recipient.

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