Micropayments Lightning Network adapted for drawing

Cryptanthus under the pseudonym Lightning K0ala created online drawing Board called some satoshis.place, to demonstrate just how easy network Lightning Network (LN) in the processing of micropayments. The total throughput of LN in APR exceeds $150 000, and in March she at some point became more active nodes than Bitcoin Cash.

On the "canvas" is a million pixels, to "paint" each of them, you need to spend a single Satoshi. Depending on how big your picture, you pay the amount in satoshis (one bitcoin = 100 million Satoshi). Thus, for a sketch of the entire canvas will have to spend about $63 in accordance with the current exchange rate of bitcoin.

The Board maker has given The Next Web the following comment:

I created some satoshis.place to explore the application of micropayments in the context of multiplayer games. And I just wanted to deal with the start node LN, and figure out how it works... we Have a good small group to the Telegram, where people write suggestions about what things to fix or improve.

Work on the Board has already evaluated the well-known bitcoin developer, Jameson Lopp:

By my count there are no fewer than 13 dicks drawn on the Lightning-powered graffiti app https://t.co/uayIGVqafa but this one takes the cake. pic.twitter.com/Oi2MSqWLQl

— Jameson Lopp (@lopp) June 10, 2018

According to my calculations, using LN drawn at least 13 members, but this was definitely a winner.

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