Marketplace advertising AdEx launched a beta version of the platform

Exchange advertising AdEx launched a beta version of the platform according to the original plan. In addition, the beta release includes a complete user interface for advertisers and owners of advertising space, updating the mechanics of the operation platform and smart contracts, as well as a number of innovations for greater scalability and integration capabilities with other systems.

AdEx — a platform where the owners of advertising space can offer their inventory to advertisers, and those, in turn, paid advertising native tokens of the platform. At the core is a system based on the Ethereum blockchain, which later was ported to the NEO blockchain, becoming the first distributed application in the network.

According to the developers, a beta release has put into operation a new generation of smart contracts by which prior to the adoption of the requests of the advertisers can be stored in a signed off-chain messages that will open up greater potential for scaling the system. In addition, the General architecture of smart contracts AdEx provides for compatibility with existing solutions to scale the blockchain networks, such as Plasma. The blog also stated that the beta version of the platform ready for integration with Metamask and hardware wallets best wallet and Ledger.

AdEx previously, the team informed the community about the early release of the beta release, but during development it was decided to return to the initial release date is February 26, 2018. As noted in the blog of the project, this decision is justified by the desire of developers to produce higher quality product. It should be noted that this step allowed the team to find new ways of scaling, so the current release has included significant improvements, originally scheduled for 2019.

Platform AdEx attracted the attention of the blockchain community is in 2017, organize the blockchain-an auction for the sale of advertising on airline operator easyJet, in partnership with a major international media company Ink. In the auction, companies were offered 1 million listings, all of which were sold to participants in advance.

We will remind, in the summer of 2017, the company has collected about 40 000 ETH as part of the sale of tokens, which to date show fairly stable for kriptonyte course and are traded on multiple cryptomeria. Also, in addition to cooperation with Ink and NEO, the company entered into a number of strategic partnerships with the blockchain projects and traditional companies, including Wings, Snip, AdHive Blockchain and Fintech Group.

Future plans include the developers indicate the release of the SDK for iOS and Android, the introduction of new types of advertising and explore additional possibilities for scaling. In addition, the project team expressed the desire to listen to opinions and suggestions of the community in the further work on the product.

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