Mandala is the first cryptocurrency exchange under SEC USA

With the beginning of 2018, the price of bitcoin fell about three times, triggering a significant decline in investor interest in the cryptocurrency. This neredeyse of cryptoendoliths the result is natural reflected in the investment attractiveness of ICO projects. Compared to last year, the number of proposals on the original sale of tokens has decreased significantly. Blockchain community is not so full of all sorts of white paper, promising huge ROI (return-on-investment) for their digital coins. But is it a bad downtrend for the blockchain industry and new projects in this area?

Indeed, holders of the cryptocurrency is experiencing a decline in their value and loss of capital is very painful, but if you look at the whole industry as a whole, the conclusion is a little different. By reducing the mass of interest in the cryptocurrency field since this field abruptly disappeared "projects", which obviously was a fraudulent scheme and was trying to cash in on the wave of HYIP investment in cryptocurrency startups. And who's left? Were just those who were originally aimed at the practical realization of his ideas and runs. It can be argued that leaving now the ICO projects are of high-quality ideas and a high degree of realism in achieving the goals, given the difficulty in raising capital at the current lack of mass interest in the blockchain industry.

One of those ICO — Mandala project, which aims to bring the cryptocurrency trading on a civilized level. A team of professionals with great experience in investment projects and start-UPS have set an ambitious but achievable goal: to create a cryptocurrency exchange by all the rules of the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA, combining educational tools, trading automation and a social network.

A distinctive feature of the Mandala project — the approach to the exchange not so much as to the marketplace where the buyers and sellers of the cryptocurrency, how much as a comprehensive educational and investment platform. Being a member of Mandala, users will be able to solve a complex trade and investment issues, being in the same ecosystem. The goal of the exchange is not only to provide shopping process, but, more importantly, encourage investors of different levels to develop and improve their skills and, as a consequence, the formation of a more conscious investment community.

Traders will be available functions such as automated trading, expert advisors, simplifying the understanding of the current state of the market and trading decisions, an internal social network that will allow to exchange experience, to follow the leaders, look for investors etc. the exchange according to the rules of the securities Commission, the United States will provide the possibility of transactions with traditional currencies and corresponding currency pairs.

It is worth noting an important aspect of safeguarding of assets, over which runs the team Mandala. So, she decided to integrate into its platform the ability to connect and use hardware crypto-currency wallet. With its help it will be implemented the so-called three-factor authentication, so that the safety input / output digital coins will rise significantly.

The project Mandala found an elegant approach to introducing an ecosystem in its own digital tokens MDX. So, with their help you can reduce trading commissions platform up to 80%. In addition, they will circulate within the social network of the exchange and to act as a means of payment for various p2p services, whether in asset management, investment Advisory or educational courses. A nice bonus is that every month 50% of the income of the exchange during this period will be distributed in the MDX tokens to the holders of domestic of digital coins. Thus, within the entire ecosystem Mandala tokens will naturally demand users.

A serious obstacle to the development of each cryptocurrency exchanges, its provision of liquidity. In this respect, the Mandala team has also designed the necessary decisions. In particular, there are agreements with six other major exchanges about the unification of the trading books of applications that will completely eliminate the problem of shortage of assets. Potentially already at the initial stage of this project will display a Mandala in a leading daily trading volume.

Now the most interesting. ICO project is at the final stage. Formally, krausel ends July 13, so as Mandala has already collected funds under softcap. However, according to available information, tocancel will continue as long as the team does not collect within hardcap $18 million Considering that only a month on the stage of presales, the project attracted investors for $7 million Wishing to participate in promising start-up should hurry: to hardcap there's not much left.

From the point of view of practical preparedness, the project is currently under implementation. On the third quarter of 2018 scheduled audit and a beta release of the platform. At the end of the year — the official release and integration of crypto-currency wallet as well as the output of the app on iOS and Android platforms. Since the first quarter of 2019 will begin production of hardware wallet.

The detailed white paper of the project, the roadmap and the team Mandala can be found on the website and promptly monitor the progress on the project — via a Telegram-channel Mandalaex.

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