Look for bugs in the running beta network Tezos be altruistic

Team Aldona Tezos launched a full-fledged platform, but warned that this is a beta version, so there may be problems. We can immediately note that up to this time the Internet users were not offered any remuneration for their search: like it or criticize EOS (and for good reason!), but their leadership decided to allocate funds to find bugs — $10 000. Yes, EOS of money on ICO attracted $4.1 billion — more than anyone else, with the exception of opaque ICO Venezuelan Petro cryptocurrency (there stated to be about $5 billion).

However, a year ago, in the first half of July, when the ICO was held Tezos collected in the amount of $232 million in the assessment involved then the cryptocurrency was a record at that time. The irony is that, at the time, as altruists should look for problems Tezos, the token is conceived as a different reward developers for what they improve software codes cryptocurrency. If such improvements like community Tezos holders, by their vote determined the order and amount of remuneration cryptomundo Tezos.

Tezos Foundation settled in Switzerland. Its founders, the family of Arthur and Kathleen Bratman officially started to own 10% of all tokens Tezos. Led the Foundation Board Johann Gevers, also the founder of the Association of cryptocurrency Crypto Valley in the Canton of Zug this Alpine country. Well, then, as often happens, someone something is not shared, causing started, which became known worldwide through the publication of the news Agency Reuters. Arthur and Kathleen noticed that they are trying to move away from management of their own creation that Mr. Gevers denied, but in February of this year he decided to retire from the Foundation Board. Some investors disassembly did not like last year, they filed lawsuits demanding the return of bitcoins and broadcast for the team Tezos during the ICO. These claims are not fully settled.

The launch of the platform was delayed several times and now it is running, although the first period, which was not done — it's her running in the middle of autumn of last year. The network is now working in a beta version, bugs are possible, large transactions are not recommended — that is the picture today. For networking (but not for finding bugs), which will lead to the confirmation of its nodes, will accrue rewards.

Exchange rate dynamics Aldona in the morning of July 1, showed a marked increase, up to $4,51, starting from a level of $4. However, on 2 July Tezos starts at below $4 — $3,95.

Vladislav Ginko, economist, expert at the Russian public service Academy at the President of the Russian Federation, especially for Coinspot

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