Jack Dorsey on Consensus: I Hope that bitcoin will become “native” currency of the Internet

Jack Dorsey, speaking to cryptocurrency enthusiasts at the conference, Consensus 2018 in new York, showed that fully agree with their view that digital currency is the way of the future.

The CEO of Twitter and Square, said Wednesday, may 16:

The Internet deserves a native currency, and he would have it. I don't know whether it's bitcoin or something else, but I hope that it will. I'm a big fan.

Dorsey is not the first time tells about the cryptocurrency in such an optimistic tone. For example, in 2016 in his Twitter he wrote that he "would like to see flourishing digital currency." Being the head of the Square, he made an enormous contribution to the development of cryptocurrencies. In 2014, his startup has helped trade companies to organize the reception of payments in bitcoins. After that, the company from San Francisco said that opens up access to bitcoin for almost all users of your application the Cash App, which allows you to send money to friends and relatives.

Then not all the company was delighted with these steps Dorsey. He admitted that the decision was quite controversial and that many were skeptical about the technology and implementation of access to digital currency.

Dorsey said at the conference that even today his company is the opponents of the introduction of cryptocurrency payments and that some members of the Board of Directors of the company still can't accept the cryptocurrency.

Earlier this month Square announced that it has received $34.1 million from bitcoin sales in the first quarter, however, $33.9 million of them were spent on the purchase of tokens and the profit of the company amounted to only $200 000.

The conference Consensus 2018 — the largest of the events of the "Week block" in new York city — Dorsey said

This technology is a fundamental shift for the entire world, and it can give a lot of positive results... We have to show regulators and the SEC, why this technology is important.

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