International cryptoexpert expand their influence

The decentralized blockchain is the platform on the market marketing the influence of SocialMedia.Market (SM.M) has strengthened its own team of international cryptoexpert.

The counsellors of the company added such well-known personalities as Keith Tyr (Keith Teare), founded in the last few decades a number of successful companies in all different specializations, including EasyNet and RealNames, investor and expert on cryptocurrency, Tananari It (Tansunari Ono) and doctor of economic Sciences Dmitry Zaitsev, an expert in the field of cryptocurrency, head of PR and business analysts ICOBox, a leading provider of solutions for the ICO.

Previously, the project has been joined by a galaxy of influential experts, including Andrew Playford (Andrew Playford), Gabriel Zanko (Gabriel Zanko), Daria Generalova, Chafik Abdellaoui (Chafik Abdellaoui), Peter have compla, Alexey and Vyacheslav Yastremsky of Nenagh. "The counsellors of the project perfectly demonstrates one of the product that we intend to create. Platform SM.M will allow advertisers and sellers of products to find the right people to market influence, and our advisors is a bright example of those most influential people, is a true international all-star team", — says Dmitry Shishov, founder and CEO of the project.

The Shishova can without exaggeration be called a successful entrepreneur. Among his past achievements, the creation of companies R. Games and Nontita. The first is one of the leading sellers of computer games, has launched a second trading platform for the sale of virtual goods CSGO.CASH. Starting to use a marketing influence at the earliest stages of this industry, to the present moment Shishov had a lot of experience and has an excellent understanding of how this market works from the inside.

The idea of creating a SocialMedia.Market was born at the end of 2016, when ad blockers were getting more and more widespread, and the market marketing the influence of excitement began. The main actors in marketing of influence is influencer, that is, opinion leaders, people with a wide range of followers in social networks, the blogosphere and other online media through which the advertiser can communicate directly with loyal audience, who receives recommendations about certain products or services directly from the authors of the blogs, channels, streamers, etc.

However, finding the right influencers to promote products and services to advertisers is often not so easy. "Despite the continued significant growth, the market marketing influence still faces specific challenges, such as inconsistency of performance and cost, as well as an integrated approach to communications, while Agency fees and fraud eat up a very significant part of the budget", — says Advisor of the project Tananari It — SocialMedia.Market means to solve the problem using the blockchain. In Japan alone, the social media audience is very high, and SocialMedia.Market will help to expand the boundaries of marketing influence and will contribute to the further growth of the community. That's why I support this project and be one of the first to use the services of the platform."

An entrepreneur with experience of kit Tyr says SocialMedia.Market is a promising solution: "In my view, SM.M — this is the company that is a game changer in the marketing industry influence. They have gathered a strong professional team, their platform enables global reach and solution "all in one", focused on the search, creation, execution and analysis of marketing influence for specific advertising campaigns".

The other counselor SM.M, Alex Yastremsky, consultant on legislation and regulation in the field of blockchain, says that "marketing effects, being one of the most efficient advertising tools which is rapidly gaining popularity among manufacturers of brands and sellers. SocialMedia.Market solves the problems of marketing influence and has the potential to completely change the industry of online advertising."

Promoting gaming and eSports very seriously tied to influencers, mostly bloggers and streamers. A powerful businessman and adviser to SM.M Chafik Abdellaoui sees here is a great opportunity for the new platform: "I am confident that organised system on the market marketing impact would be a turning point for the industry of eSports. SocialMedia.Market creates an opportunity not to be ignored".

Advisor Andrew Playford convinced that the success of a project begins with its founders. "I personally make a big bet on the makers of SM.M. Dmitry and Alexander worked for several years on this platform. They both have extensive experience working with major brands, primarily in highly competitive industries like eSports and games. I am sure this team that is so involved in the project."

At the moment, SocialMedia.Market is the second stage of primary supply tokens. Tokens of the company (Social Media Token SMT) will be the basis of the ecosystem of the area. More information about the project can be found on the website

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