In Taiwan, the criminals robbed and watered the owner of bitcoins

Police in Taiwan have arrested four people suspected that they robbed the owner of cryptocurrency, snatched his bitcoins worth 5 million Taiwan dollars (about $170 000).

The robbery happened in Taichung, where three young men set up a meeting a man by the name of tai (Tai). The young men allegedly wanted to buy his bitcoins. As soon as Ty was demonstrated by using phone 18 bitcoins, villains, threatening with physical violence to the owner of the coins and his friend, forced him to transfer the bitcoin to their wallet. After that, they forced Tay to drink a large portion of spirits to represent the matter as if the man was drunk and gave the money voluntarily.

The police arrived at the scene, where they arrested one suspect. Police said that found at the crime scene blood stains. Two other alleged members of the gang were detained later, one of them hiding on a remote island, Cinemanila. Also arrested was the man who, according to police, is the organizer of the crime.

Law enforcement officials claim that this is the first in Taiwan's history episode in which the robbers robbed the victim of digital money.

Last month, three robbers armed with pistols stormed into the office of the cryptocurrency exchange Canadian Bitcoins in Ottawa. They tied up four employees, but did not notice the presence of their colleagues, who managed to call the police. Robbery attempt failed.

Also last month, a victim of bandits was Russian, vacationing in Thailand in Phuket. The attackers tied up the camper, put him a blindfold and forced to send them bitcoins-about $100 000.

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