Hackers have learned how to mine Monero in Microsoft Word

Researchers at security issues from the company Votiro told about the new appointment of hackers: now they are engaged in covert mining of cryptocurrency Monero, embedded in Microsoft Word documents cryptogamie scripts. To control the processors of infected computers used this option in Word as Online Video. It lets you use inline code to add a page to Word. The next time you open the page, it appears a window with this video.

To maximize the effectiveness of the attack, hackers can videos to adapt them to the needs of a specific user. Once the script is built and launched, the user believes that simply watching a video, while the processor of the computer is exploited for mining the cryptocurrency.

Experts Votiro cited as an example the episode when hackers were able to use 99% CPU power.

Because mining requires an open frame of Internet Explorer, a more effective long video. The researchers noted that there is a way to add fake screen "Loading...", to artificially increase the length of your video.

With the help of the malware and the script in Word it is also possible to install banking Trojans, etc. in addition, according to experts, in Microsoft Word files can be embedded phishing pages.

Thus, you should exercise vigilance when dealing with Word files from unknown authors and senders, and also with the option of Online Video in the text editor.

The report says that Internet Explorer is also under the threat of attacks. Because it is used less frequently than Chrome and Firefox, updates are not as frequent and vulnerability, respectively, are quite real.

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