French startup crossed miner with a home heater

French startup Qarnot came out with a new heater, designed for mining cryptocurrency. Yes, you read that right: we are talking about a home radiator QC1, which includes computer designed for mining.

Perhaps many do not remember that in the era before laptops, it was possible to heat the room with a pair of stationary computers. Overheating of equipment is one of the most serious problems in the data center, since it entails the need to cool the thousands of computers operating around the clock.

The company Qarnot began to engage the peripheral computing for data centers in 2010. She created three generations of heaters with multiple processors. The buyers were construction firms in need of heating new buildings.

Companies such as BNP Paribas, Société Générale, Air Liquide and Blender, rent these servers for their own needs. In other words, Qarnot created a decentralized data center.

With this in mind Qarnot can do some of compute traditional data centers. This option is particularly relevant in the summer.

The company now sells devices directly to end-users. According to representatives of the startup is "ideal" for cryptocurrency mining. Model QC1 includes two AMD (Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX580 with 8 GB of memory) and, by default, designed for mining ether.

The instrument can be run for a few minutes, plugging in an Ethernet cable and typing the address information on the Ethereum-wallet mobile app. This address is gradually becoming available esters: Qarnot not getting a single coin, 100% goes to cryptocurrency users.

If you think that the future for litecoin or other cryptocurrency, you can reconfigure the computer and to engage in mining your favorite coins. This is the Linux server to which direct access is possible.

To warm the house, QC1 will launch two GPUs and will mine at a speed of 60 megahexe per second. If you still can't get warm, come to the aid of the built-in equipment traditional heaters.

Qarnot have no hard drives. Coolers either, so you don't have to listen to the buzzing of the fan. QC1 is already available for $3600 — among other things accepts payment in bitcoins. The company hopes to sell hundreds of installations in the next year.

In Qarnot claim that at the current price of live users can expect to profit from mining of $120 a month excluding the cost of electricity consumption.

Qarnot QC1 really stands out on the background analogues, and can be considered the same unit we've been waiting for. Consumption of electricity is the main obstacle for mining. However, to heat their dwelling anyway. So why not in parallel??

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