Cryptoexpert put the $6.3 million that bitcoin is more expensive than the stock Buffett

"A well-known expert on cryptocurrencies", who is not named, intends to enter into with the company Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffett's bet by putting $6.3 million that by 2023 the price of bitcoin will exceed the value of the stock of this company. Berkshire belongs to the people known for their skeptical attitude towards cryptocurrencies. If anonymous is right, he will get $1.2 billion.

About the bet said on Twitter the head of the Australian company, William Hill bookmaker Tom Voterkhaus. He chose not to name the client, but admitted that he helped this man to contact Berkshire Hathaway.

The shares last traded now at $288 000. The bet implies that the price of bitcoin will exceed this level. Such predictions are incorrigible optimists in the face of Tim Draper and John McAfee. Draper believes that by 2022 the bitcoin will cost $250 000, while McAfee made a bet with himself, insisting that by 2020 the price of a coin will reach $1 million

This year, Berkshire was noted by a number of critical remarks in the address of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. With such statements were made by the President of the company Warren Buffett and Vice President Charlie Munger. They called bitcoin "stupid," "scum," and compare trade this year with trade of "fresh human brains".

In may, Buffett joined Microsoft Chairman bill gates in an interview with CNBC, he called bitcoin "unproductive asset". In particular, gates said:

Buying non-productive asset, you expect only to sell it a higher price to a newcomer, because he more expects to resell the asset to the person who will come after him. Pure water is "the theory of the big fool."

In the same interview he acknowledged that "I would sortil bitcoin if I could".

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