Casino ZeroEdge opens a new office in London

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Startup ZeroEdge.Bet working to create a network of online casinos based on the blockchain expands the scale of its activities, opening new offices in London. This step caused an unprecedented growth of the business, done on the eve of the ICO, to be held later this year.

Team ZeroEdge incredibly excited for the future few weeks to open doors of new offices for the fans and supporters of their network of online casinos. The team includes numerous experts in areas such as online gaming, cryptocurrency, marketing, technical support and many others, expects to give a warm welcome to players in the United Kingdom.

Chapter ZeroEdge Adrian Casey said on this occasion: "This is wonderful news for us and for the entire community. We rejoice in the prospect of opening our new office in London. One of the reasons this step is access to skilled labor market. In London there are all the top managers of the gambling business, marketing gurus and specialists in the blockchain. Thus, we focused on the growth of our team, designed to help progress in all aspects of our business."

The British gambling market is one of the largest in the world.

The size of the British gambling market surpassed £14 billion a year. Zero Edge will launch first in the UK online casino based on the blockchain immediately after the ICO and public distribution of all tokens Zerocoin.

ZeroEdge's no coincidence that I chose London center activities. Along with the fact that London is one of the most popular cities in the world, being a melting pot of different cultures, it also represents one of the largest world markets of gambling.

People in the UK love to play online, doing this around the clock in different online casino aimed at the British market. However, until recently, British gamblers are faced with the same problem that their counterparts around the world, playing online casino is meant you have no control over the revenues of the organizer!

This was another reason why Zero Edge chose London to open new offices and begin to implement a plan for a total transformation of the entire sector of gambling online. The company promotes a unique concept of zero income of the organizer of the game is an absolute novelty in the sector of online casinos (and gambling in General).

What is Zero Edge and how it works?

Network online casino ZeroEdge is a fundamentally new model of online casino. At that time, as a traditional casino aimed at obtaining enormous profits at the expense of customers, ZeroEdge is a completely new way, offering the possibility of zero income of the organizer of the game due to the cryptocurrency Zerocoin. Source of income is not the loss of players, but increasing the value of Zerocoin. This model will radically change the industry of iGaming business. Casino ZeroEdge offer real, guaranteed zero percent of the income of the organizer of the game, so for the first time in the history of the game in an online casino is truly fair!

In addition, ZeroEdge gives individuals and businesses the opportunity to create on their casino platform. This means that any user with minimal technical knowledge will be able to open your own casino and to profit from the growing value of the token ZeroEdge. Game developers will get the tokens ZeroEdge the remuneration will be determined by factors such as the popularity of the game, levels, user interface applications, etc. this will lead to a highly competitive environment, contributing to the emergence on the platform of a wide range of games.

Hurry up to take part in pre-ICO with a discount of 79% and a low level hard constraints – 1500 eth!

Zero Edge is its own unique bitcoin Zerocoin. This coin will allow players to participate in games online casino Zero Edge with 0% of the income of the organizer. The cost of Zerocoin will rapidly increase in proportion to the number of new participants in the Zero Edge games.

You have a great opportunity to learn about pre-ICO, scheduled to start on 28 February 2018, with completion on March 15, 2018. During the pre-ICO Zerocoin ZeroEdge does not provide software capitalization, while the hard cap is limited to 1500 ETH.

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