Bubbletone tests in the US and Europe stromerova SIM card, which can change the Telecom market

After the initial proposal tokens from Bubbletone was enthusiastically welcomed by analysts from the world of cryptocurrency and the rating agencies, the Telecom platform of the blockchain continued to improve its product in the interests of consumers and operators. The company added new features in its unique mobile app and continued to develop the first decentralized global Telecom ecosystem that connects mobile operators, users and service providers. In the future, this ecosystem should be an alternative to international roaming.

Team Bubbletone more than 18 years of experience in marketing, so no wonder they created the company constantly strives to implement innovative solutions in the telecommunications sector, trying to completely change the sector of the IT market. Bubbletone created his own virtual mobile operator and developed the app with mobile and messenger. Potentially, they will be able to use 1.2 billion travelers annually. Currently Bubbletone already signed up operators from 80 countries, which together serve more than 20 million users.

Interest in the project continues to grow largely due to the trading platform company: it can securely interact with users of mobile networks and service providers from around the world and, more importantly, to do it is to bypass intermediaries. Market players Telecom get access to a free platform Bubbletone working on blockchain technology Graphene. Its design capacity is 10,000 transactions per second. The project opens up the market for smaller operators, who receive the opportunity to publish their tariffs in the company's network, thus avoiding extra costs for conclusion of contracts for international roaming. In addition, they no longer need to acquire expensive network infrastructure and solve the problems of system integration.

A large number of pros and get mobile phone users. For example, they don't have to worry about replacing SIM cards while traveling abroad – simply use the mobile app from Bubbletone for the purchase of mobile phones worldwide at local rates. Innovative stromerova SIM card companies are now already being tested in the US and Europe.

Thanks to blockchain technology Bubbletone will always be able to generate additional content and to ensure the safety of use of the platform. For example, all voice calls to the platform is protected by encryption through the use of a virtual private network.

Project clients receive access to numerous services – ranging from music to programs for studying foreign languages. In addition, they also are available a whole set of new features. They can, for example, to protect with a password for any in-app chat Bubbletone or use the Chat option Smoke, through which access to the individual message revealed only at the moment when the finger of the Respondent is on a mobile device. If the finger is removed, the message disappears forever. The app also allows users to store phone records and files on Google Drive, iCloud or Dropbox and send each other all kinds of files.

The ICO companies have already been highly appreciated by market players. So, ICORating evaluated the project as "positive"; it also praised campaign TrackICO, ICObench and wiserICO.

Commenting on the development Bubbletone, founder and Executive Director, Yuri Morozov, said: "We are very pleased that the company issuing the ratings, came to the same conclusion that buyers of our product. They saw the potential of our project and the ability to change the telecommunications industry by eliminating international roaming and opening of the market for both large and small players. I think they are also interested in our ability to change the perception of the market of mobile technologies: we also offer services that expand opportunities for entertainment and learning on the road. In addition, Bubbletone in General increases the security of modern communications."

Co-founder ICOBox Daria Generalova was sure Bubbletone will get high ratings: "This rating is well deserved. I think Bubbletone will continue to get good feedback from market players and to change it for the better thanks to its innovative approach and impressive experience team in Telecom and the blockchain. Do not forget that Bubbletone project attracted an outstanding team of advisors – from Joaquim Holmer (Joakim Holmer) and Anders Larsson (Larsson, Anders) from Ericsson, as well as an expert in the field of Telecom, Dr. Norman Lewis (Dr. Norman Lewis) to a serial entrepreneur in the technology market kita Thira (Keith Teare), the founder and Executive Director CoinStreet Samson Lee (Samson Lee) and CEO of Lingualeo Vladimir Sirotinskiy".

ICO project was launched on 20 March this year. Tokens are sold in the ratio 1 ETH = 4000 UMT and hardcap platform is 15 million dollars. "Coins" can be purchased for Ethereum, bitcoin, and U.S. dollars. ICO Bubbletone will close on 15 June at 23:59 London time. Therefore, all wishing to become owners of UMT token, is still a little time to buy them.

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