Blocks of 1 MB are gradually disappearing from the network of bitcoin

A new study BitMex Research showed that blocks of bitcoin now mostly exceed the limit of 1 MB, which existed prior to the upgrade Segregated Witness (SegWit). According to analysts, after upgrading SegWit in August 2017, the old limit of 1 MB is gradually starting to fade, though much slower than many had hoped.

The need to increase the volume of blocks came to the fore with the growth of commissions in bitcoin late last year. SegWit, however, implemented through softpark, so the update was optional. Services, exchanges and users it took a few months to see the results of updates in the form of lower fares and larger blocks.

SegWit transactions now account for almost half of all bitcoin transactions, and with the depreciation of the cryptocurrency Commission fell to record lows. Currently can often be seen collecting 1 Satoshi per byte.

According to the average block size is now of 1.16 MB, but after updating SegWit often is the concept of "block size" use "weight" (theoretically the unit can weigh up to 4 MB).

In addition, the implementation SegWit opened the way to solutions for scaling bitcoin outside the network (protocols of the second level) through the Lightning Network, which can potentially support millions of transactions per second, while remaining completely decentralized.

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