Bitmain responded to accusatory article David Viorica

Company Bitmain has always been of few words; she spoke more the efficiency of the ASIC miners. The mining giant's recent post on The State Of Cryptocurrency Mining David Viorica, a leading developer of decentralized cloud storage Sia and cryptocurrency Siacoin, was quite unexpected. Vorik also manages a production company Obelisk, who in coming weeks is going to release the first of asik.

In his long article Vorik analyzed the technical aspects of the cryptocurrency industry and revealed some dirty secrets of this industry and, in particular, the role of Bitmain in it. He argues that Bitmain prevented the production of miners Obelisk in China and will use its resources to stop the production of Asimov other companies in the country. In response to these accusations Bitmain on its official website said:

Given the huge number and variety of suppliers in China, it is difficult to argue that Bitmain could provide a degree of control over the supply chain of competitors.

Another interesting fact is that Bitmain does not directly disprove the claim Viorica, instead focusing on the fact that analysis of alleged "dirty game" is just 6% of the article Viorica, and convincing evidence in the material available. In addition, Bitmain rejects accusations that she "fill the market" with their products:

At the start Bitmain has introduced a strict policy of distribution of miners on the principle of "one miner per user" and other methods to limit the centralization of mining... Since we are applying this policy with the launch of all Asimov for cryptocurrency that you can mine on the GPU. The calculations in the article Viorica purely theoretical.

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