Bing prohibits advertising of crypto-currencies after Google and Facebook

After Google and Facebook search engine Bing from Microsoft will no longer show ads for cryptocurrency and related products. Also got banned unregulated binary options. The news came in the form of a short blog post Bing Ads, which stated that changes will be made to global financial products and services to Microsoft in June, and a complete ban of such advertisements will occur in late June or early July. Melissa Associati-Patio Manager, Bing at work with advertisers, commented on this decision:

Because cryptocurrencies and related products are not regulated, they represent an increased risk to our users due to the potential dishonest or fraudulent activities. To protect users from these risks, we have decided to ban such advertising.

Thus, cryptocurrencies have been blacklisted by Microsoft, along with other "legally dubious business deals", including financial pyramids. By the way, according to the rules of the search engine to advertisers in the ad, for example, to say "Save more money", and then "discover this secret and save more". But this option is considered inappropriate: "Sign up to receive this secret, or you risk losing your life savings".

Bing has already banned advertising of virtual currencies that are deliberately created for illegal purposes (money laundering or tax evasion), as well as fake currency.

Recall that Facebook introduced a similar ban in January, and Google made a similar move in March.

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