Binance burned tokens BNB for $30 million.

Earlier it was reported that Binance, one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, intends to April 15 to conduct quarterly burning coins. She fulfilled her promise.

April 15 in the official report the team Binance announced the results of burning coins for the second quarter of 2018, writing:

Dear users. In line with our white paper we burned 2 220 314 BNB (approximately $30 million) for the third quarter. Thanks for the support!

As the ad, and after a course of the token Binance decreased. He has lost almost 9% against the bitcoin, but the decrease in dollars was largely mitigated by the growth of the main cryptocurrency in the weekend. The rate of the BNB at the time of writing this message fell against the dollar by 7% (last 24 hours).

Thus, held the third quarterly burning Binance Coin (BNB) in accordance with the white paper company:

Quarterly we will use 20% of our profit on redemption and destruction BNB until then, until the ransom for 50% of all BNB (100 million). All transactions for the repurchase will be reflected in the blockchain. In the end we have to destroy 100 million BNB and leave 100 million.

The first burning coins BNB took place on 18 October 2017, and then it was destroyed 986 000 coins from the entire stock. The second burning was in January (1 821 586 BNB). As expected, then burned significantly more coins than the first time, given the daily trading volumes on this exchange.

Binance Coins offer clearly defined bonuses from the point of view of investments. For example, a significant discount on the fee for the tokens ERC20 that are currently on the Ethereum blockchain, when you pay this fee at the BNB. Now the fee is reduced by 50%, but such bonuses will decrease every year of platform operation.

In addition, in the near future Binance plans to launch its own decentralized exchange, which is planned largely to use tokens BNB and offer Fiat trading pairs.

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