As evidenced by the continued growth of prices zcash for

Confidential cryptocurrency zcash for (ZEC) usually remained in the shadow of Monero (XMR). However, ZEC can be classified as the leading coin, and the fact that the exchange Gemini added her support, contributed to the increase in the price of the asset.

In the last two days have seen continued growth, despite the market downturn, which temporarily deprived the owners of many coins profit. ZEC was one of the assets that are faster than the others restored the upward trend. Per night price coins increased 10%, reaching $367,14; over the past week, the net value has grown by 32.56%. Trading volumes in the last days was close to the historical maximum. Thus, the ZEC has finally left the dimension of coins for niche markets and in the market as a solid asset.

The driving force of prices ZEC — the rising cost of the dollar, not bitcoin. At the same time, ZEC has not yet experienced the effect of the inflow of tokens Tether (USDT), and this means that now the price increase is due to the arrival of new investors.

In the market of private coins ZEC received support from Vitalik Buterin, Salim Rashid, and Creator of Monero Ricardo Spini. Despite skeptical reviews, the project managed to survive longer and keep organized in a bigger measure, than many of the other cryptocurrencies. However, the recent market downturn has affected the profits from ZEC: no wonder users coins warned of its volatility.

ZEC provides the possibility of anonymous p2p transaction, but a transaction and keep track of when it is necessary — for example, during the shipment of currency on the stock exchange.

For a long time ZEC was considered "a boring asset." The blockchain of the coin is relatively young, and he only got the first halving of the reward for the block.

Zcash for launched in October 2016, still has a small margin: nominee approximately 4 million coins. Therefore, it is believed that the price of ZEC will be four digits, if the positive dynamics of the market. However, the high cost ZEC cannot rely on the hype that cause cheap coins easily promise a tenfold mouth prices. In addition, ZEC will experience the effect of ASIC miners. The fate of the coins is also dependent on possible solutions to the community to raise the level of hash on the network or to hold a fork, which will lead to the suspension of ASIC miners.

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