As Digibyte surpassed litecoin, but investors have not noticed

Aldon Digibyte (DGB) at the recent trials showed that has great technological potential. That, alas, is not transformirovalsya fully in the market performance of this kryptonite. Digibyte is ranking on CoinMarketCap 32nd place in terms of capitalization, and for example, litecoin is sixth.

How are you doing transactions? Send $5 in a test meant to throw 0,06023271 LTC. The Commission was 0,00036254 LTC, which corresponds to approximately three cents. The processing time for the transaction amounts to an average of 10 to 30 minutes. What about Digibyte? Transfer $5, or 154,15683817 DGB, DGB is 0,00030083, or about 0.003 cents, that is a thousand times cheaper! At the same time and transfer time of only about 10-30 seconds. Technological advantage DGB there. Moreover, the DGB conceived is very interesting. It is a really decentralized public blockchain. Altcoins Digibyte can't be destroyed, stolen or become the target of a successful hacker attack, which makes them a convenient tool for storing important digital information.

July 11, DGB showed growth, although most amount of cryptocoins on the market became cheaper. We will remind that on 9 July there was a message about the beta release of the brand wallet on Android, which is available for download in Google Play. This information was priced in by the market late: 9-10 July altcon dramatically cheaper, but the trend in the growth rates of cryptomonas, which can be seen on 24 June, was not broken and continued on July 11.

If we take the beginning of the current expansion, June 24, when altcon cost of 1.74 cents, July 12, it came at a price value of 3.91 cents, that is a little more than a fortnight Aldon could rise by 224%. As warned in this case, traders should consider exiting in profit at the time when the growth is 50%. That is true. Like true guess Rudy Bauman, Director of marketing Digibyte that we are seeing "a continued growth of the point at which the asset was undervalued, fair value".

There is potential in comparison with its historical maximum when 7 January DGB cost 14,289 cents, the current price of 72.6% less. With capitalization, the same story: after peaking on January 8 at the level of $1.23 billion the total value of altcoins DGB in circulation, fell to $411,39 million interest in the asset really high: if at the beginning of July was a nice figure, the turnover of just above $4 million per day, less than two weeks, he has grown more than doubled and is approaching the level of $11 million. of Course, this is nothing compared to a turnover of litecoin, which is $292 million, but back to technical matters: the Digibyte blockchain works faster and cheaper. But appreciate it the investors?

Vladislav Ginko, economist, expert at the Russian public service Academy at the President of the Russian Federation, especially for Coinspot

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