A script for browser mining cryptocurrency, Monero

Recently, the public attention attracted by the service which, as it turned out, used on the torrent tracker Pirate Bay for mining Monero (XMR). We are talking about Coin Hive. It allows users to embed JavaScript miners in their sites and receive thanks to this additional income. Thus, the service is good and helpful. The problem with Pirate Bay is that it starts the miner, without notify visitors: the last, opening the website, I was surprised to notice that the load on the processor increases significantly. Of course, this is not good.

The main problem in the case of this and similar services is that the use of computing capacities of computers unbeknownst to their owners. You need to put them in and give them a choice.

Coin Hive does not allow users using the visual interface or otherwise learn about the presence of the miner. The situation could fix the link to open the page with the miner and to control its operation. In this case, the user would be able to support computational website or community to which he belongs.

It's an interesting idea that could be useful, but the trouble is that many prefer to abuse the service, profiting at the expense of others. However, if you find this project useful, you are advised to ask details. Most importantly, don't forget to inform your website visitors about what is mining.

Along with a built-in miner using JavaScript, service CoinHive offers an alternative to more traditional services, such as reduction of reference Proof-of-Work captcha and Proof-of-Work. Both carry out mining a certain number of hashes, and then provide the appropriate link or please confirm that you are a human and not a bot.

The application of the algorithm Proof-of-Work to solve these and other problems, which usually fit another, can simultaneously improve the efficiency of already employed resources to help them monetize. For example, using cryptocurrency mining, you can reward users for completing certain tasks in the process network games or social network.

Of course, mining through browser with JavaScript is not as efficient as mining with application optimized FOR. We experimented with a miner and services based on Proof-of-Work, but note that we did not embed them in the website and not going to do that without advising you (if you decide to test them in interactive mode).

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